Veronica Jones Wilson, affectionately known as Ronnie, was born on September 12, 1947 at Harlem Hospital to Drucilla Jones and Robert Mann. Ronnie was a long time resident of Far Rockaway, Queens, NY where she met the love of her life, Roger Wilson. From their union were born 5 children: Laura, Scott, Mark, Odessa and Andrew.

From an early age Ronnie was destined to be a care giver. The first children she raised were Joyce (Jones) Newsome, Kenneth Shuford, Robert E. Jones, John D. Jones, and Thomas A. Jones. Alongside her biological children, she had Jason Jones, John and Danielle Newsome, and 9 grandchildren: Corinn Mapp, Keri Elise Mapp, LaRon Morton, Aaron Wilson, Devan Mapp, Aaliyah Rodriguez, Aiden Wilson, Joshua Rodriguez and Avery Wilson. And so many more all of whom meant the world to her.

Ronnie, Ms. Ronnie, Ron, Mom, Mommy, Mama, or Ma, whatever you called her, she made you feel like a part of her family. If you were hungry, she fed you. If you needed a place to stay, she offered shelter. If you were feeling lost, she offered wisdom and guidance. Ronnie was generous and caring beyond measure. She was a rare person that created a unique bond with everyone she met. She created a new village to take care of each other when she was gone. Her wit kept everyone on their toes Her eyes could see through the darkness of the world and still find a reason to give the world another chance. Her hands were made of magic because she could make anything. She had the answer to every question. To know her was truly to love her.

To put every adjective that describes her would fill a book. She was a stickler for education. She had a gift for storytelling and an occasional “embellishment.” She was a trivia aficionado and a ruthless competitor in everything from board games to spades. She made everyone want to be better.

She was a cook, doctor, lawyer, artist, coach, and avid Jets fan. Veronica Jones Wilson was the embodiment of the Divine love of God.

The Veronica Jones Corporation was founded to remember this extraordinary woman, and to continue the research in the fields of Thyroid and Lung cancer, which extinguished her extraordinary light.